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> : 07.02.2018 20:00
that with the computer was comparatively
used and in no case meant as an offence
nor but as a mocking!
you know (based on sweet memories we had
but above all -a personal experience!)
that neither Gloria ,nor Angela can com-
pensate,nor change "la carne vita"!
that was what *meant ...:
pls "live!" : numero quatro !
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: Š Ƞ – ! ! Leonardo Bruni it is possible to have sent them to Gatev
( that was so long ago / *can*t remember
incl.the occasion for it !).
my notes and comments about Bruni are not
here but in Sofia (as a part of my "opera"
and still not sacrified to the flames).
that*s why *ll formulate them en bref and
with-out giving arguments,or Details-
e.g.:speaking by remembering: 1/ Money
2/ Villa
3/ Cyrcle
4/ Library
5/ Publishing you understand: 1/ means guaranties and independence.
a propos (to have an idea about the value
and price of life in thouse times):
1 Florine = 3.53 gr gold
/if we re-calculate and adept basing on
1 gr = 30 Euro/ then the product*ll be:
1 fl = ca.100 euro ! the salary of an ordinary clerck never
surpassed few euro/a month but not to
Forget that almost evry one had been
a Producer of vine,huile,flesh,vege-
tables etc. 2/ means: silence,comfort,concentration 3/ meant the cyrcle where Meeting,dis-
cussing,incl.protected ! 4/ practically their "Internet"! 5/ if no Publisher -then why and to whom
you are writing!? :
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> : 07.02.2018 00:06
Bologna (next Florence- - one of my favourites!
Bologna is the most "Italian",the most
interesting and the full of paradoxes
cities of Italia...:
never-ending culture events ,dynamic,
bursting from history and traditions,
a big industrial centre ,"un castello
but above all these almost 40 km ex-
quisite beautiful arcades...*ll never
stop to walk and love...! this time used Bologna mainly as a
starting point to the adjacent/small-
er towns ... before reporting about but..*couldn*t
get rid of that repulsive multitude
consisting of black Africans,Arabs,of
Afgani and Pakistani filling strolling
all day long in the streets, or making
their dirty/criminal business.
all these fucked mob of parasites /!/
pumping out the social fonds and be-
ing an offence to the eye!
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> : 06.02.2018 23:21 in the world-wide known Biblioteca Laurentina
was opened an exhibition in honour of Leonar-
do Bruni (a great name and figure of the Re-
naissance formulated the five very important
preconditions for each creative activity... -
mee thinks * must have written thee about al-
ready...)-...that *ll say: and here included
few hours watching,reading,studing...,etc. but *m chatting too much...
it*s high time to go on to Bologna... :
:01.01.2018 20:55
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> : 31.12.2017 15:34
just like ..."L*origine du monde" by Gustave
Courbete-the synchronicity is almost breath-
taking and macabre ! like a port/al of the time/eternity where
through the last 2017 escapes - the new one
coming.../?/...-both but fucked.merde,ugly!- in other words:as the last year -getting away
-so the new one starting... no hope...
no comfort...
no salvtion...
(neither here,nor bejond)! bravo!
very dubious and poly-significant /!/
conotations provoked by thy latest opus....!
no commentary needed!
:05.01.2018 18:23
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> : 05.01.2018 17:26 1/ about the article in "Real Lexikon fr
Antike und Christentum" that *promised
thee to read (par courant) and conspect
the essence intersting you...-
the result:
INKUBATION= 87 pages /Vol.XIII-pp 179-
266/by Manfred Wacht.
has almost no-thing to do with what you
expect probably to know as it treats the
so called chthonic deities of the Antique
world,the mysteries,cult and pracitce... -
en bref: how by rite dreaming in a temp-
le / or holy places one can be healed,or
get a personal message by god/goddess!
very interesting,indeed but not a single
word about In-/Succubus. in spite of all (only for a change!):
if some woman were sterile,so "sleeping"
for a night in the sanctuary of Askleipos
in pergamon became impregnat (accord-
ing the Herodot-there are more than.... -
2000 references!).
such sanctuaries were build up mainly
where grottes,tecthonic crevasses,under
ground waters,evapourations, etc...
whereby... (obligatory pre-conditions to
meet the deity in his glory and radiance)
absolute ascese (hygiene,self-restruction
silence...etc needed); the offers excluded
sacrified animals/ blood (only bread and
cereal-products permitted -in particulair
when offering to Dimetre)... interesting as a curiousity: forbidden to
eat "beans"...!arguments: this plant had
been connected /comes from the world
of dead and remains alien with their
souls !-/ have met that explanation also
by reading the text of Pitagoras!
2/ in spite of all...(as well to accomplish)
returned to Incubus /Wikipaedia,resp. -
opened the Dutch + the Italian Version
in order to find evtl. new information... read: a)extracted from the Dutch-site !
**- the phenomen is defined mainly as a
sexual experience during the sleeping +
discharge by erotic dreams/communica-
tions. the whiches/beauties *re playing
the role of mediums! more interesting appear but some com-
ments taken from the Bible:
4.Moses 13,32-33= the birth of Nephilimi
as an act of sexual contacts between the
fallen angels and - the daugthers of this
world (the very name of the first creature
above meaning in Hebrew "a giant")! **-an other interesting details is describ-
ed in the book of Geoffrey of/van Monte-
mouth "Historia Regum Britanniae" -that
of the famous Merlijn (known better to us
by King Arthur-Epos). he had been an in-
cubus (according the autor). **- "the pearl ofthe crown" but remains
"Heksenhamer"(1486) by Heinrich Kramer
where sex between whiches and the Devil
dominatig the narration! n/b: the Dutched orto-graphy of the names
is left un-changed! b) extracted from the Italian-site! **- the incubis as a term used/mentioned
by Plinio Vecchio for a first time!-( in his
"Historia Naturalis"- XXX-84) where pre-
scribing how to defeat successfully any
Incubus...: "...massages early in the mor-
ning... / in the evenig (before getting in
bed -drunk of a syrup prepared by the en-
tails of serpent left for one day and one
night to be extracted in vine+ huile ! **- here again ..."Malleus Maleficarm"...-
("Il martello delle strenghe") quoted by
a top-interesting ethymology-detail:
the word "femina" in Italian domes from
the Latin "fides"(=faith) +"minus" (=with
out) !-pls to remember that!
a main characteristic of the woman as a
creature - (also according to the Italian
comment is her sexual obssession/ the
never satisfied libido!). 3/ *can*t understand why (!?) but in one
of the sites (mee-thinks about the "trave-
stites" were reported in great details of
the "Castrates-History")...! few details only (and here-with to put an
end)...: very well known in the East! in 1204 but with the fall of Constantinopel
(under the Crussaders and the Venetian) -
mysteriously dis-appered untill...(negative-
ly quoted by Pope Sixtus V (in 1558) -pro-
hibiting them to play in the theatres of
Rome (e.g.famine roles); about 100 years
later - pope Innocent XI (1686) prohibited
" ...religious music to be sung by women -
lest the sancticity be im-pured!" in the next centuries the times changed ...
the high-soprano parties were performed by
children; the very Joseph Haydn had been
determinated to be castrated (in order to be
come a soloist of that kind)but his father in-
tervened duly to avoid that!
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> : 04.01.2018 12:49
* suppose that the photo- montage pub-
lished in thy blog yesterday had been
provoked by the brutal in-sanity play-
ed at the moment in our native country
( obviously condemned to be sacrified
and privatized by mighty powers fare
away and overseas)....
in that aspect a short and apartly-di-
fused/dispearsed comments... 1/this perverity (the third male)has
three aspects:
a) a pure morphological,
b) psycho-pathological (sexual),
c) as an act of self-identification! 2/what of these three above can legi-
time the pretention/s of the fuck-
ed mob filling the inter-net forum
with their cries for ex-ordinarity ? a)= a failure (happening but vary ra-
rely!) by the creation.
b)= a mental problem (and much more a
subject of the medicine and of beha-
c)= patho-snobism. by the way...
"das Dritte Reich" had never had prob-
lems of that Kind! 3/ few rhetorical questions...(refer-
ed/concerning entirely item"c"-above) I.

the "male" of the Son of God (Jesus)?
-is he a God (but incarnated),
-is he simply a man (but illuminated),
-is he a mix of both of them? II. the preist/monk in the Roman-Catholic
what is his male ?
(here *m not reasoning like Fellini:
"* dis-like men with jupes and women
having phalus")
is he a man ?
is he a woman?
is he neutra?
besides...(canonicaly!)...he has no
right neither to get marry ,nor but
to reproduce his race/gender?
III. what is the male of ...(two examples
only !) : Quine Christina and Sancta
Brigitta (both of Sweden)? (here*ignore the pure litterary tricks
of Shakespeare,Goldoni,C.F.Mayer etc.-
the literature of the Renaissance is
filled up with inventions of that Kind
incl. but imagination-ingeneering la
Goethe (Homunculus),Shakespeare (Cali-
ban),or Frankenstein -now-dayson the
way to become a fact ). IV. the whiches,the demonic powers -what of
a male they are having ? 5/ pure aestheticaly *m interested more
of this perverse reality depicted in the
arts! remember (par example the smile and the
hands of Gioconda/Mona Lisa)...=that *s
just way a hermaphroditus is flirting -
described in thy comment - (ending with
nause and vomitting!) or...-the ideal plastics/sculptures of
Apollo (Vatican) and Athene ...-bith of
them master-pieces of the Hellenism (!)
but absolute caricatures of the "male"!

/Gustav Klimt*ve catched that perfectly
well in his representation of Athene -
ref.to the Museum of Vienna): the wis-
dom is simply not an attribute of the
woman,just as the feminity -to Appollo!/ (the Archeology Museum in Napoli is has
a separate room (18+) with curiosities
of that Kind!). to/for me: very repulsive !! there*s a strange /!/but understandable
sign en-coded on one in the monument of
Schiller (the park in front of the Aca-
demie of Arts) ...- one of the sides is
depicting the "genius" /his symbol but-
a medaillon with "Pegasus" -the flying
horse (mythologicaly clear but what of
creature only and invocating in us the
strange universe of the Ancient Egypt)!
mee-thinks (now-days!) the woman obses-
sed by her sexuality is longing incl.
for such a "typolo": fine/female but ..
with phalus (at the same time) =in-cor-
porating as the tender petting ,as the
hard fucking (together and where it is
possible)..-remember this movie by ??-
"The Ages of Lulu"...! to my mind:
no-thing better than the common sense -
and the sound/pure,positive,socialist


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